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Sisters of Avalon Medley
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Running a fan-driven campaign is expensive! Funds are spent on domain hosting, website hosting, creative design, QR cards, advertising etc! Any amount would be appreciated! Donors are listed below because they’re pretty damn special!

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Extra Special Goonies! (Donors): Rob Sita, Bay Wallis Hall, Oldren Romero, Mark Verdugo, Rogerio Silva, Nathan Johnson, Tyler Steele, Joe Ondrey, Rick McCoy, Dan Bray & Shawn Rader, Atsusih Shimizu, Mike Litherland, Gwen Paulson, Laura Weckerle, Jill Vianello, Jennifer Bucheli, Hanh Manning, Steven Bell, Jerry Pound, Robert Staton, Patrick Hillard, Samantha McWatters, Evangela Borden, Jeffrey Krotz, David Alexy, Dylan Hallman, Carlo Daelli, Eric Barcus, AJ Brody, Kerri Edgar, Tina Gajewski, Dominick DeFranco, Sidney Head, Sue Hadjopoulos, Kevin Gaffield, Clinton Gorst, Tim Dunham, Ruth Hannuschka, Kassandra Wright
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