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Shine & At Last
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Thank you for visiting our campaign site! This is a passion project of 'Cyndi Lauper Museum', a fan site dedicated to preserving Cyndi’s legacy in an actual museum-style setting (Orlando, Florida). Cyndi Lauper Museum is the brains and brawn behind ‘Induct Cyndi Lauper.’ Dedicated Cyndi fans who are members of the Museum’s social media are helping with the sites, the marketing and ultimately the passion needed to circulate this campaign. If you are here, then you too would love to see Cyndi Lauper recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame AS WELL AS Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museums! Please help us by spreading the word in any way that you can!! 

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2024 Campaign Co-Leaders:
Joe SalgCampaign Boss Man
Bay Wallis Hall: Social Media Guru
Colin McLeod: Numbers Extraordinaire
Noel Morgado-Santos & Kassandra Wright: Supporting Leaders

2023 Campaign Team: AJ Brody , Rogerio Silva , Oldren Romero , Noel Morgado-Santos, Samantha McWatters, Luisernesto Gonzalez

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